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Watch on Qello

The RockTronix are streaming on Qello.

Watch & Listen

Wayne Viardrums
Joseph Patrick Moorebass
Chris Blackwellguitar


Streaming on these devices:

Apple: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV
Roku: Streaming Player, Streaming Stick
Playstation: PS Vita, PS3, PS4
Sony: Sony TV, BIV
Amazon: Phone, Tablet, Fire TV
Android: Phone, Tablet, Google TV
Windows: Phone, Tablet
Samsung: Smart TV

About Qello:
Qello is the world’s leading on-demand streaming service for full-length HD concert films and music documentaries with members in more than 160 countries.  Qello is the ultimate source to watch full-length concerts whenever you want, anytime, anywhere and on all your devices.  With Qello, music enthusiasts can relive the concerts they loved, see the shows they’ve always wanted to experience, and discover artists they might never have seen.

Indie Artist/Producer Handbook

Today Blue Canoe Digital is releasing an ebook (downloadable electronic book) that I had the pleasure of co-authoring with famed Curtis Mayfield alumni and platinum producer, Buzz Amato.

Indie Artist Producer Handbook

It was a pleasure and an honor to work and compile my musical experiences for the Indie Artist/Producer Handbook. This ebook is designed for all artists, bands, composers, arrangers, engineers and producers regardless of skill or current level of success. The focus of this book is about taking control of one’s destiny, sharing your gifts and helping to achieve an overall balance between art and business.

Preview from book: (page 9)
When I was first approached about contributing to this book, I had reservations about being a part of this collaboration. While I admired and respected my fellow coauthor and while I was extremely honored to be considered for this book, I thought, “What am I going to write about?” “What do I have to offer in terms of information about surviving in the twenty-first century digital revolution?”

I started reflecting on my experiences and my growth both as a player and person and I realized that maybe I could offer a few opinions and advice to those trying to keep up with surviving in the twenty first century. I realized that from the time when I started working on my first independent CD ten years ago, that the music business has dramatically changed with the dawn of the digital age and the world wide web.  In order to keep up with the ever evolving entertainment industry, I’ve had to reevaluate my mission and game plan many times in the last decade. I concluded that yes, maybe I could offer a few words of encouragement to those that want to share their music with a global audience but feel overwhelmed at where to begin.

In this twenty first century, artists/musicians/performers have to wear so many hats in order to survive, especially if you haven’t had a “hit” recording or don’t have a record deal. If you are an independent artist, It isn’t just about making music anymore, it’s also about learning how to share your sounds in this new global marketplace. The world wide web has made anything you dare to dream possible and even a reality. It is possible for an independent artist such as yourself to reach out and share your music with a global network of fans and industry at the click of your fingertips. From the planning stages of evaluating who you are and where you are going, to promoting your music, to hiring a team of professionals, to creating a synergy of your music and gifts. In my portion of this book, I will be offering advice based on my experiences with what works and what doesn’t work, things to consider and an overall balance between art and business.

** Now in its Third Edition (2011) with updates.  Download your copy today.