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Bass Song

Bass Song written/performed by Joseph Patrick Moore (bass), featuring Chris Blackwell (guitar) and Wayne Viar (drums).  Recorded live at Douglas Corner, Nashville, TN July 12, 2013 as part of the Namm Bass Bash.


Platinum Record Producer Buzz Amato talks about working with Joseph Patrick Moore

Former Curtis Mayfield and Platinum Record Producer Buzz Amato, talks about working with Joseph Patrick Moore on “XYZ Factor” and also his recorded version of his song “Datz It” (featuring Jimmy Herring – guitar and Grammy winner Yonrico Scott on drums).

Buzz Amato on “XYZ Factor” (Audio CD):

CD: “XYZ Factor”

Buzz Amato taking about “Datz It” (Song):

Song: “Datz It”
Versions referenced in video:
From SoulCloud CD and Decade 1996-2005
From Live in 05 CD
From DrumnBass Society CD
From A Collection CD