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Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) Interview

Bass Guitar magazine

Bass Guitar Magazine (UK)

Joseph was interviewed by Joe Daly in Bass Guitar Magazine (UK).  You may order the digital addition here:

Bass Guitar Magazine interviews Joseph Patrick Moore

Joseph Patrick Moore


Bass Guitar Magazine (UK) – 2004

BassGuitar Magazine (UK) November 2004
Review by Andy Long
for ThirdBass. Commisioned by Bass Guitar Magazine.

Bass Guitar Magazine Site
Bass Guitar Magazine Issue 14

Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum & Bass Society - Volume 1

Joseph Patrick Moore's Drum & Bass Society - Volume 1

A surprisingly mellow version of Men At Work’sDown Under‘ opens this latest project from Atlanta based session man Moore. It’s an colourful album that takes a tour around some of his influences, for instance the opening track is followed by a jazz arrangement of ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials and the songs of Tony Williams, Phish and The Fixx are also to be found. His own compositions are a cocktail of funk, jazz and soul shaken and stirred by a multitude of musicians. ‘Jamband Express‘ has a solid blues/funk feel with an irresistible groove and his tribute to Herbie Hancock, ‘Herbie‘ is a showcase for some outstanding soloing, Adam Nitti pops up on this track as an added bonus. Moore was recently named as one of the 100 greatest jazz bassist by Digital Dream Door and this album is the lastest testament to that achievement.

All About The Bass

Bassics MagazineJPM appears in the December issue of Bassics Magazine (issue #37/Nathan East). The song“Herbie” from JPM’s Drum and Bass Society
Volume 1
CD is featured on the CD sampler that is included with every issue, as well as commentary and a transcription from Joseph about the recording of this tune. “Herbie” also features a guest appearance by bass wizard Adam Nitti.
Order Bassics Issue #37

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