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JPM Video Interview

Durham Skywriter (aka Patricia A. Murray) interviews JPM via Google Hangout.  The 1 hour and 34 minute video interview ranges from childhood, career, Blue Canoe Records, Current Projects and so much more.  Patricia A. Murray is a DJ on WNCU in Raleigh/Durham, NC and also writes an online community paper for the Raleigh Durham North Carolina area.


Read Music – enhanced ebook released

Read Music ebook Cover

Whether your a seasoned pro or a beginning musician, this enhanced interactive book is exactly what you’ve been looking for in learning how to read music.  From basic elements to advanced concepts, this comprehensive 250 page book is filled with hundreds of audio examples, exercises, etudes and interactive self-tests designed specifically for the iPad and iBooks (Desktop Computer) and sold exclusively at iTunes“Read Music” is written by Blue Canoe Recording artist, Joseph Patrick Moore.   As a touring and recording artist, Joseph knows the importance of being a good reader and having this powerful skill set in your musical toolbox. JPM offers his diverse experience, sage wisdom and thoughtful insight in a well thought out, step by step approach in becoming a prolific reader and competent musician.

The 39 Chapters include: Key Signatures, Rhythm Study, All Note Types, Simple/Compound Time Signatures, Syncopation Study, Ledger Lines, Reading in all 12 keys, Cycle Of Fifths, Reading Chord Charts, Chromaticism, Dynamics, Common/Advanced Terms, Double Stops, Sight Singing, Sight Reading Checklist, Complex Melodies, Intervals, JPM Excerpts, Advanced Solo Compositions and so much more.

Interview c/o

Check out the Joseph Patrick Moore interview at
CLICK HERETake Five with – Joseph Patrick Moore

JPM discusses:
* Teachers/Influences
*  Approach to Music
* Teaching Approach
* Dream Band
* Favorite Venues
* Recorded Discography
* First Jazz Album
* Musical Contributions
* Current Listening List
* The State of Jazz Today
* Essential Elements of Jazz Appreciation
* Near Future
* If I Could… 

Joseph Patrick Moore recording with the E.M.P....

RIP: Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson

Post by: Joseph Patrick Moore

“The world lost a great drummer today.  Jimmy Junebug Jackson spent 21 years with the great Jimmy Smith and worked with a lot of incredible artist’s. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Jimmy on many occasions and I was proud to call him my friend.  After we got to know each other, I sat down with Junebug and did an audio interview with him  on my ibook computer.  The noise can be rather distracting, however in spite of this, Jimmy offers words of wisdom in this un-edited and raw interview.  I would encourage all drummers/musicians to take the time and listen to the words of the late Jimmy Junebug Jackson.  He will be missed, but his spirit will live on.”JPM

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