RIP: Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson

Post by: Joseph Patrick Moore

“The world lost a great drummer today.  Jimmy Junebug Jackson spent 21 years with the great Jimmy Smith and worked with a lot of incredible artist’s. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Jimmy on many occasions and I was proud to call him my friend.  After we got to know each other, I sat down with Junebug and did an audio interview with him  on my ibook computer.  The noise can be rather distracting, however in spite of this, Jimmy offers words of wisdom in this un-edited and raw interview.  I would encourage all drummers/musicians to take the time and listen to the words of the late Jimmy Junebug Jackson.  He will be missed, but his spirit will live on.”JPM

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One response to “RIP: Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson

  1. Thank you for this interview. Jimmy was my friend. I will miss him terribly…
    Bobby Jackson

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