Exclusive Bass Masterclass for BPU

Check out the video Bass Masterclass for BassPlayersUnited.com with JPM. ย  The general topic discussed was Bass Harmonics. ย However, JPM used the video clinic to discuss other elements of bass playing (see outline below).

* Fundamentals (right/left hand, amp setting, effect ideas)
* Technique
* Sustaining Harmonic Concepts
* Harmonics vs. Tuners
* Learn Your Notes, Know Your Instrument
* Different Way To Look At Your Fingerboard
* Box Pattern Ex. in 16th notes, 5’s, 32nd notes
* Playing off E minor / G Maj.7th

* Right Hand Picking Technique
* “Portrait of Tracy” (Jaco) (Think Outside The Box)
* Unique Series Of Notes
* 2 Harmonics Within 1 Fret
* Sliding Harmonics
* “Going To California”
* Harmonics Within Fretted Notes
* Tapping Harmonics
* “Giant Steps”
* Artificial Harmonic Techniques
* Final Thoughts (Being Musical With Harmonics)ย 

BPU Harmonics Lesson Part 1 – Joseph Patrick Moore


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