Exclusive Bass Masterclass for BPU

Check out the video Bass Masterclass for BassPlayersUnited.com with JPM.   The general topic discussed was Bass Harmonics.  However, JPM used the video clinic to discuss other elements of bass playing (see outline below).

* Fundamentals (right/left hand, amp setting, effect ideas)
* Technique
* Sustaining Harmonic Concepts
* Harmonics vs. Tuners
* Learn Your Notes, Know Your Instrument
* Different Way To Look At Your Fingerboard
* Box Pattern Ex. in 16th notes, 5’s, 32nd notes
* Playing off E minor / G Maj.7th

* Right Hand Picking Technique
* “Portrait of Tracy” (Jaco) (Think Outside The Box)
* Unique Series Of Notes
* 2 Harmonics Within 1 Fret
* Sliding Harmonics
* “Going To California”
* Harmonics Within Fretted Notes
* Tapping Harmonics
* “Giant Steps”
* Artificial Harmonic Techniques
* Final Thoughts (Being Musical With Harmonics) 

BPU Harmonics Lesson Part 1 – Joseph Patrick Moore


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