Path To Geshe – Movie Released

JPM scored the music for this amazing documentary film titled, Path To Geshe. This indie film by Bill Judge is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase or download from Dark Hollow Films:

Additionally, Blue Canoe Records will be releasing the music soundtrack from J.P.M. on June 14, 2011.  This CD will be available directly from JPM’s Merch storefront as well as itunes, amazon, emusic +.  More info on the Audio CD will be available at that time.

Geshe is a Tibetan word meaning ‘virtuous friend’.  Geshe is also the title earned by one who has completed the roughly 20-year course of study at Sera-Jey Monastic University. Filmed at Sera Jey in South India, Path to Gesheimmerses you in the color-rich world of a Tibetan monastery, a world of unexpected laughter and joyous effort set against the rigors of monastic study and intense dedication to the Buddha Dharma.

“Although the bulk “Path to Geshe” was shot over two trips to Sera in south India beginning in 2008 my personal journey to this wondrous place began with my first visit in 1993.  Each visit since then has been like a home coming for a long lost brother. Living with the monks of Sera, who have become family to me, has been an amazing experience, I am honored to share the story of life at this amazing place with you.” William Judge

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