What I’ve Learned And What I Would Like To Share…

Original post by: Joseph Patrick Moore


Recently I’ve been reflecting on nine principles of life. I would like to share these with you:

1. Aware of Higher Self – Listen to your inner voice.

2. Trust – Surrender, let God handle the details.

3. Observe – Look at the world, allow it to be. Don’t judge, just observe, learn and grow.

4. Attract – Have a mental picture of what you want in life, guard it.

5. Receive – Accept the natural flow of life.

6.Connect to God – Lift yourself out of your body, float into space, observe the planet, ask for God’s guidance.

7.Pray – Meditate. Use sounds to change the vibration of your frequency.

8. Patience – Be totally free of judgement and timing of delivery. When things do not appear to be materializing the way you planned, remind yourself that you are patient and unnattached to any particular schedule. Contemplate how God has been patient with you.

9. Thanks – Be thankful and avoid complaining. Ask yourself, “How may I serve?”

– Joseph Patrick Moore


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