Drum n Bass Society, Volume 1

JPM is currently in the studio completing his fourth CD, titled: “JPM’s Drum & Bass Society – Volume 1″. With the help of some of his friends, he has assembled an all star cast.

Bass: JPM, Adam Nitti
Drums: Electronic Drums & Percussion: Jeff Sipe, Count M’butu, Larry Blewitt, Ben Taylor, Emrah Kotan, Vic Stafford
Keys: Dr. Dan Matrazzo, Frank “buzz” Amato
Mandolin: Tim Ussery
Guitar: Johnny Mosier, Howard Parks, Brent Cundall
Pedal Steel Guitar: Mark Van Allen
Woodwinds & Horns: El Buho, Vance Thompson, David Freeman, Kenneth Lovell
Vocals: Snake Oil Medicine Show, Temple Passmore, Matthew Messer, Kirsten Shippert, Brent Cundall, Ryan Taylor, Ira Hochberg, Heather Purdin

Produced: Larry Blewitt and JPM
Mixed: Vic Stafford, JPM, Jay Ackerman
Mastered: Emily Lazar

Look for this release in Spring 2004


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