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SPIRITS IN THE BASS Joseph Patrick Moore Shares With Zora

Bassist/Composer Joseph Patrick Mooreís life journey has been consumed by pursuing the sounds, colors and rhythms of music. He started with alto saxophone in the fourth grade, switched to drums in the eight grade and finally found his voice through the bass, in his high school years and beyond. His fascination with music and his chosen instrument led me to contact him about the the bass, its sensual appeal and to talk about his recording of Alone Together.

I loved the low rumble and thunder of the bass and I was immediately attracted to the tones and frequencies of this instrument. –  Joseph Patrick Moore

For both the Double Bass and Electric Bass Guitar, the role of both is to provide a foundation for accompanying instrumentation, while occasionally being featured as a solo instrument. The bass is in part responsible for musicís steady pulse and is used in most styles and genres of music.

Joseph Patrick Moore Shares With Zora: As a composer, I tend to write tunes that are instrumental in nature. When you donít have lyrics conveying your message, itís challenging to tell a story without saying a word. For me, instrumental music should express that which cannot be spoken. Sometimes I write from the bass, other times I write from the piano or occasionally I will write without an instrument in my hand. With most of my music, I try to convey a mood or set the scene for the listener. The bass can be a very powerful force in dictating the mood and emotion of a song.

Composing instrumental music that features the bass throughout can have its own set of challenges. This became evident when I embarked on my third CD journey titled, Alone Together (released on Root Cellar Records-2002). My first two CDís featured many instruments, musicians, and friends. However on the recording of this particular project, I wanted to try a new approach. I wanted to release a solo bass CD featuring nothing but the bass. I wanted to try to explore the possibilities of the instrument – combining the Contrabass, the Fretless Bass and the Electric Bass – both bowed and plucked. I composed solo, duo and trio songs. One of the most challenging aspects in creating this CD was how the low frequencies would sometimes cancel each other out. I refer to this as ìSpirits in the Bass.î I had to really use my imagination and explore the possibilities and range of each instrument. It forced me to think differently about the ìroleî of the instrument. It proved to be both therapeutic and liberating.

Regardless of what instruments are used in the music creation process, music should be created with the hands of love, the ears of perception, the heart ofpassion, and the spirit of inhibition. When this is achieved, music can help stimulate and arouse ones spirit and invigorate the senses. It can open that door to the enchanted land. This is something I always try to be aware of and strive to do with my music.

Recording and Touring Artist Joseph Patrick Moore, currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area. He is an active performer, educator and he is currently completing his 4th CD with his group scheduled for release in August 2003.


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